Universe gymnastics club in Thailand

Pattaya and Bangkok

since 2011



Rhythmic gymnastics club in Thailand

We offer

Gymnastics for boys and girls

Gymnastics for boys and girls from 4 to 12 y. o. In our clubs in Bangkok and Pattaya. Fundamental training

Rhythmic gymnastics Online

Online rhythmic gymnastics classes for girls and boys from 4 to 12 y. o. Worldwide via the ZOOM app

Gymnastics for adults

Flexibility classes with elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, yoga and Pilates

Gymnastics for schools

Gymnastics lessons for school. Organization of master classes and camps for sports clubs

Training course for coach

We train coaches in gymnastics for children. We issue diplomas

Privet classes

Individual lclass with
a teacher online or offline


In Pattaya, our club is located in a large hall in the Planet Football Stadium at Soi Siam Country Club. The complex has a cafe where parents can wait for their children, work and have a snack.

Plenty of parking space around.

Schedule Pattaya

Planet Football Stadium
  • Tuesday 5:30 pm
  • Thursday 5:30 pm


In Bangkok, our club is located in the Silom area in the hall at Roots8 Yoga (600 m from bts Chong Nonsi). In the hall there is a cafe with good wi-fi, where parents can wait for their children, work and have a snack.

If you are on your own transport, then park here or here

Schedule Bangkok

Roots8 Yoga (Sathorn)
  • Monday 5:30 pm
  • Saturday 10 am


 Entry Fee — 1500 THB
Entry Fee is a one-time fee for student registration at the club and sports federation in Thailand. Registered students are given the opportunity to participate in competitions and other events from the Universe Gymnastics Club.

Entry Fee is paid for the 2nd lesson (after Trial lesson) and it is not a member card fee.

Payment is tied to a calendar month. Let the know to the administrator  which days you will study and she will calculate the cost for you

If you do’t want to pay an Entrance Fee, or are not sure about the regularity of your visit, use the Drop inn price list


1 day a week

4 classes in month // 5 classes in month
  • 1 HOUR
    1600 THB month // 2000 THB month
    (400 THB per class)
  • 1,5 HOUR
    2000 THB month // 2500 THB month
    (500 THB per class)
  • 2 HOUR
    2400 THB month // 3000 THB month
    (600 THB per class)

2 day a week

8 classes in month // 9 classes in month
  • 1 HOUR
    2800 THB month // 3150 THB month
    (350 THB per class)
  • 1,5 HOUR
    3200 THB month // 3600 THB month
    (400 THB per class)
  • 2 HOUR
    3600 THB month // 4050 THB month
    (450 THB per class)

3 day a week

12 classes in month // 13 classes in month
  • 1 HOUR
    3600 THB month // 3900 THB month
    (300 THB per class)
  • 1,5 HOUR
    4200 THB month // 4450 THB month
    (350 THB per class)
  • 2 HOUR
    4800 THB month // 5200 THB month
    (400 THB per class)

Drop in

If you are not able to train regularly or planning on coming to classes during certain period (for example while on holidays in Thailand) you can pay per class
  • 1 HOUR - 500 THB
  • 1,5 HOUR - 600 THB
  • 2 HOUR - 700 THB

Private Classes

Studio and virtual private lessons are the best way to improve your gymnastic skills in no time. Work at your own pace and receive personalized attention from our dedicated instructors.


  • Private class with couch in the gym
  • 1 hour - 1500 thb
  • Private online class with couch
  • 1 hour - 600 thb

Online Classes

On-lay classes are held in zoom in a group or individual format. For classes you will need the Internet, a computer with sound, free space in the room (1.5-2 meters)

Price & schedule

  • Friday 5:30 pm (advanced group)
  • 1 hour - 300 thb
  • 1,5 hours - 400 thb

Adult classes

My name’s Olga and I’m a master of sports in gymnastics and also a fitness coach.
I’m happy to invite you to my classes stretching and flexibility.

Perfect for yogis, gymnasts, dancers etc.
Beginners are welcome too. I’ll give you some easy options 😉 and you will see the improvements in no time 🙂

Men and beautiful ladies are welcome!

All my life I have been involved in sports and have been training adults and children. I always wanted to come up with some useful exercises that are not dangerous and as effective as possible.

I always enjoyed yoga, gymnastics and Pilates but attending all of the classes is simply impossible.

Therefore, I created my own stretching technique for adults. This is a truly unique mix of different sports. You will feel the results after the first session.

And after a short time of regular training, you will notice that your body has straightened up, your posture has improved, and your energy has increased!

Come and try it yourself!

About Us

“Universe Gymnastics” – first Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Club founded in 2012 in Pattaya, Thailand by the Master of Sport Olga Balachina.

Our teaching system carries the traditions of the Russian gymnastics school, which is the strongest in the world. We train children of different ages and nationalities.

 Our mission is to develop rhythmic gymnastics all over the world, to make it more accessible for every child, regardless of country or city. We want children to love this sport and enjoy regular training. And parents saw their children healthy and successful. 


our team

Our club has professional trainers. All of them have been trained and teach according to the methodology of the Universe Gymnastics Club


Head coach 






Assistant coach 

Kornphueak Hunthiang



Free Trial Classes

We offer a free trial class for kids only. This is necessary in order to see if the child likes the activities and whether they are ready for learning, as well as to determine the level of the child and the group that suits him.


Phon Prapha Nimit 24 Alley,
Pattaya, Banglamung, Chon Buri, 20150


+66 990270180 (en/ru), +66 805705756 (en/ru), +66625201690 (thai/en)


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Application form

More information: +66 990270180 (en/ru), +66 805705756 (en/ru), +66625201690 (thai/en)

Olga Balachina. Head coach of Universe Gymnastics club

Rhythmic gymnastics is the most beautiful sport for girls, but it is currently gaining popularity among boys, so we have also created a group for them. Recently, we also opened an adult group. Olga Balachina is a professional fitness instructor and knows how to help an adult gain flexibility, strength and health.

We cooperate with schools for which we have developed a special program that is suitable for children of any physical condition. In our club, we help everyone to maximize their potential. Whether you want to achieve the highest sporting achievements or play sports for pleasure and fitness, we have a place for everyone.

Our teaching system carries the traditions of the Russian school of gymnastics, which is the strongest in the world. We teach children of different ages and nationalities. Our mission is to develop rhythmic gymnastics in Thailand and instill in children a love for the sport.