Universe Gymnastics Club is now open for collaborations with international schools

We specialize in organizing rhythmic gymnastics classes within various international schools in Thailand. We have previously worked with schools in Bangkok and Pattaya, including Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, Rugby School Pattaya, Regents International School Pattaya, Garden International School Pattaya, International School of Chonburi, and BIST

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Under the guidance of our head coach, Olga Balachina, we have developed a unique training system that has consistently produced prize-winning students in academic year competitions. Notably, Shrewsbury International School secured the prestigious first place in the team standings among other schools in Bangkok

At Universe Gymnastics Club, we ensure that our highly qualified coaches provide exceptional training to develop gymnastics skills in your students. Additionally, we can facilitate your school’s participation in competitions, which will undoubtedly enhance your school’s reputation within the sports community


Our training program caters to various age groups and levels of experience, making it suitable for both amateur classes and the establishment of a professional team on behalf of your school

We are fully prepared to organize rhythmic gymnastics classes in your area, including the selection of necessary equipment and the creation of a safe and supportive environment for children

Our objective extends beyond helping students master gymnastics techniques; we aim to elevate your school’s standing in sports events as well

We firmly believe that our cooperation will greatly benefit your students. Should you be interested in our offer, we would be delighted to discuss all the details with you

In addition to our regular rhythmic gymnastics classes, we also offer a unique «Breakdance + Gymnastics» class. This class is perfect for boys and girls aged 6 and up who want to learn breakdance moves and improve their flexibility and stretching. Our coach is a winner of many international breakdance competitions, and he will give your students a chance to show their creative side and learn new skills

To get in touch with us, please contact:

Phone: +66 80 570 57 56

Email: ugclubptt@gmail.com

Thank you for considering Universe Gymnastics Club. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with your esteemed institution

Yours sincerely,

Universe Gymnastics Club


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More information: +66 80 570 5756 (en/ru), +66 97 309 6525 (thai/en)

Olga Balachina. Head coach of Universe Gymnastics club

Rhythmic gymnastics is the most beautiful sport for girls, but it is currently gaining popularity among boys, so we have also created a group for them. Recently, we also opened an adult group. Olga Balachina is a professional fitness instructor and knows how to help an adult gain flexibility, strength and health.

We cooperate with schools for which we have developed a special program that is suitable for children of any physical condition. In our club, we help everyone to maximize their potential. Whether you want to achieve the highest sporting achievements or play sports for pleasure and fitness, we have a place for everyone.

Our teaching system carries the traditions of the Russian school of gymnastics, which is the strongest in the world. We teach children of different ages and nationalities. Our mission is to develop rhythmic gymnastics in Thailand and instill in children a love for the sport.