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Become a children's coach
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Date: March 29-30

Location: Sathorn (Roots8Yoga)


Who is this course for?


    •  You don’t have experience as a coach but have a sports background, or you used to do ballet, dance, yoga, and fitness and want to become a coach
    • You coach adults and would like to start coaching kids
    • You are a beginner gymnastics coach and need a structured training program
    • You work as a children’s fitness trainer and want to diversify your workouts
    • You are a coach in another sport and want to add a stretching program or improve the strength of your students
    • You have your own club, studio, fitness center, or plan to start a business in this field
    • You are a professional coach and want to introduce a new approach, a new program
    • If you have a kindergarten / a playroom or you work as a nanny and want to make sports activities more interesting for children
    • You are a mother and want to work out with your child at home

Then our course is for you!


Two days course for beginners trainers

▫️ This is the first level of our course

▫️ This course can be your first step in getting a wonderful profession — a children’s coach. If you are already teaching then this will help you systematize your knowledge and diversify your classes.

▫️ You will be able to use the information every year for beginners.

▫️ Immediately after training, you can start working. The course is not difficult for those who are just starting to teach.

▫️ If you come from another sport, you can use this knowledge as a basis. We had students who did sports such as synchronized swimming, figure skating, boxing and dancing. As well as kindergarten teachers and actives mom.

▫️ Our program can be an excellent base for children who are in gymnastics professionally and who just wants to practice at a developing level.

▫️ This program will reveal the individual potential of each child and most importantly instill a love for sports

You don’t just get a profession, you get a curriculum that your students will love
Training will be not only useful but also fun and exciting

Our program is universal and suitable not only for a big gym but also for small studios. You don't need a lot of space and equipment. You can work in the comfort of your own home and take private lessons or online classes

The program is also suitable as an additional program for children involved in other sports, ballet, dancing, and it’s perfect for fitness clubs. We use this program to teach students in international schools

Day 1

Basic exercise program for young children and beginners (first year of study)

🔘 I will talk about our methodology and curriculum for the first year of students education. As well as what are the advantages and why exactly these classes give the maximum result.

🔘 We will discuss the basics of gymnastics. What are we training for? What can you teach your students during the first academic year.

🔘 I will break down each exercise and explain what mistakes not to do and and how to correct them.
You will do all of the exercises yourself so you can understand the technique.

🔘 I’ll teach you how to intensify the exercises or simplify them.

🔘 Analyze different warm-up exercises and their variations.
Analyze the main elements and their variations.

🔘 We will talk about how to keep your students interest and how to make the learning process more fun for them.

🔘 You will learn the psychology of children and the ethics of the coach. We will also discuss the physical characteristics and how to train amateurs and those who want to train professionally.

🔘 I will talk to you about my experience working in sports/fitness clubs with and international schools as well as the rules of rhythmic gymnastics sport.

🔘 What elements children must know in order to participate in competitions.

🔘 We will go through the internal exam and breakdown each element and discuss how to prepare your student for the exam.

🔘 The 1st day of the course is the most important part of the training. It will be the foundation of all your teaching activities.

Upon completion, you will receive an Official Diploma

Day 2

Program of exercises with apparatus (ball, rope) and ballet for young children and beginners (1 year of study)

🔘 We will break down all of the ball and rope exercises that a student can learn in the first year of training.

🔘 The classes format is like a workshop — we will be doing all of the exercises ourselves.

🔘 If you have experience in other sports, don’t worry, we will analyze each exercise and teach you how to do them correctly so that you can start teaching.

🔘 We will breakdown each exercise in 4 categories:
1. the correct execution
2. the number of repetitions
3. the order of execution
4. the main mistakes
5. how to properly correct your students mistake

🔘 During the ballet part of the course we will learn all of the correct positions for your arms and feet, the basics movements in ballet, and how to teach your students the basics and correct them.

🔘 You will receive 3 ready-made complexes in a separate workout form. I will also teach you how to change these sets of exercises, break them down into separate parts and add them to the curriculum.

🔘 I’ll teach you how to conduct your own lessons, how to combine elements with different apparatuses and the ballet using the set of exercises from the first day.

At the end you will receive 3 diplomas

What's included in the course?

🔸2 days of workshops: theory & practice

🔸2 days video workshops recorded — 30 days access

🔸 2 books with illustrations and descriptions of exercises. include these books in your workouts, you won’t forget anything important!

🔸 Video lessons with all the exercises — 30 days access (Watch the lesson snippet)

🔸 You will receive 4 diplomas: Professional certificate for the first day of training
3 Diploma for the second day of training (ball, rope, ballet)

🔸 Lunch with a team members and our expert Olga

🔸 Chat group and support during and after the course (we want to know how is your career going!)

💥To make a booking or ask more information please message us 

Olga Balachina

The founder of Universe Gymnastics Clubs for kids in Thailand. Masters of sports in rhythmic gymnastics and the creator of our course for gymnastics coaches

For the past 10 years I have been successfully training children, and making gymnastics available for everyone by opening new clubs in Thailand.

For me to open more branches I need professional trainers. Therefore, I created this course which after almost anyone can master the teaching methodology and immediately start working.

After finishing our course you will be able to conduct your very first lesson.

Many of our students from different countries have already finished the course and are now working/developing their business. Don’t miss your chance!


We now have a course suitable for professional trainers who want to save time by getting a ready-made training program and for beginner trainers who wish to get a profession

Feel free to ask us any questions

If you are watching this, you must be interested in the coaching topic. We don't run these seminars very often, and we take a limited number of students, so don't miss the next session. We hope to see you there

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Date: March 29-30 

Location: Sathorn (Roots8Yoga)


💥To make a booking or ask more information please message us 

Application form

More information: +66 950047670 (en/ru), +66 805705756 (en/ru) (WhatsApp, Line, Telegramm)

Application form

More information: +66 80 570 5756 (en/ru), +66 97 309 6525 (thai/en)

Olga Balachina. Head coach of Universe Gymnastics club

Rhythmic gymnastics is the most beautiful sport for girls, but it is currently gaining popularity among boys, so we have also created a group for them. Recently, we also opened an adult group. Olga Balachina is a professional fitness instructor and knows how to help an adult gain flexibility, strength and health.

We cooperate with schools for which we have developed a special program that is suitable for children of any physical condition. In our club, we help everyone to maximize their potential. Whether you want to achieve the highest sporting achievements or play sports for pleasure and fitness, we have a place for everyone.

Our teaching system carries the traditions of the Russian school of gymnastics, which is the strongest in the world. We teach children of different ages and nationalities. Our mission is to develop rhythmic gymnastics in Thailand and instill in children a love for the sport.