Rhythmic gymnastics competition in Pattaya (Thailand)

Dear friends, Universe Gymnastics Club (Thailand) invites your gymnasts to participate in the 16th International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament «Pattaya Children Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition XVI». The event will take place in Pattaya, Thailand on June 22th, 2024. We look forward to seeing you there!

Best wishes,

Universe Gymnastics Club

1. Goals and objectives:

· Promote rhythmic gymnastics in Thailand

· Establishing and strengthening connections with rhythmic gymnastics clubs in Thailand and other countries

· Exchange experience

· Determine the level of preparation of gymnasts according to the internal levels of the UG club

2. Dates, time, and place of the competition:

The competition will be held on June 22th, 2024

8:00 am — participants registrations, judges and team representatives meeting

The competition schedule will be sent to the participants after all applications have been received.

Address: 45, 272 Estadio De Pattaya, 14 Chaiyaphon Withi 27 Alley, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/r6pPQB6GWthXHVw1A

3. Management and organization of the competition:

Competition organizer: Universe Gymnastics Club


Responsible Person : Olga Balachina (+66805705756) WhatsApp, Line)

4. Applications:

To confirm your interest, please write to the WhatsApp manager

Galina +66 95 004 76 70

To confirm participation in the tournament, you must fill out the form for each participant until May 22, 2024: https://forms.gle/ch78vteoMvJqoHzEA

After receiving all applications, the schedule and lists of the participants with their age and group will be posted.

5. Finals and awards:

All gymnasts will receive medals and participation certificates.

All clubs will receive cups.

The organizer reserves the right to change the award rules in certain groups if many participants register

Individual program:

1st place — gold medal

2nd place — silver medal

3rd place — bronze medal

Starting 4th place — participant’s medal.

During the rewards, we will divide participants by age (separate each year) and group (A and B). Participants who applied for an open level will be rewarded according to their level, not their age.

Intraclub program (see paragraph 6.3):

Gold medal > 85% of maximum score

Silver medal > 75% to 84% of maximum score

Bronze medal < 75% of maximum score

6. Competition program:

The gymnasts will be performing their individual program and they will be divided into two groups (A and B):

6.1. In group A, participants are divided by age (separate each year) and perform an individual program according to the international FIG rules 2022-2024

2019 and under — FH

2012-2018 — FH + 1 apparatus of choice

2011-2009 — 2 apparatus of choice

6.2. In group B, participants are divided by age (separate each year) and perform an individual program without an apparatus according to international rules FIG 2022-2024. Furthermore, the participants can take part in the intra-club program which is compiled and developed by our coaches specifically to determine the level of UG club students.

Individual program:

2020 — 2012 — FH

2011 — 2009 — open level FH

6.3. Intra-club program (FH UG + apparatus UG) — a short combination without an apparatus and with an apparatus, developed by our coaches (internal levels of the UG club).

Participation is not required but any club can join if they wish.

You can find the combinations videos for preparation on our YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/levelsUG

Children who take part in the Intra-Club Program (FH UG + apparatus) will compete according to their age or the Open level category (optional level):

Level 1. 4-5 years BP UG + ball UG

Level 2. 6-7 years BP UG + jump rope UG

Level 3. 8-9 years BP UG + hoop UG

Level 4. 10-11 years BP UG + clubs UG

Level 5. 12 years PSU UG + ribbon

Open level — you can choose any level for any age

7. Music:

mp3 format, send by email: ugclubptt@gmail.com (indicate mp3 and the name of the club in the subject of the email) + CD or flash drives.

8. Financing:

The costs of the trip for the teams (travel, accommodation, meals, daily allowances) are paid by the traveling organizations.

Entry fee — 2000 THB when registering in the competition before May 22th, 2024.

Late registration — 2500 THB when registering from May 23th to 7th June 2023

8. Judging:

The judging panel is provided by the Royal Thai Sports Federation

9. Insurance:

The organizers are not responsible for any injuries. Therefore, all participants are advised to seek and maintain appropriate insurance coverage.

This provision is the official invitation to the competition. We can provide the official documents and official confirmation with seals and signatures if necessary

Accommodation and leisure

The Universe Gymnastics Club team can cooperate with you in organizing your accommodation, transfer, and leisure activities (excursions to the zoo, water park, waterfalls, islands, etc.).

For all questions, you can contact:

Organization Manager: Galina Ojo (+66950047670 WhatsApp)

The Universe Gymnastics Club team is doing everything possible to make your stay in Thailand filled with unforgettable experiences!

Application form

More information: +66 80 570 5756 (en/ru), +66 97 309 6525 (thai/en)

Olga Balachina. Head coach of Universe Gymnastics club

Rhythmic gymnastics is the most beautiful sport for girls, but it is currently gaining popularity among boys, so we have also created a group for them. Recently, we also opened an adult group. Olga Balachina is a professional fitness instructor and knows how to help an adult gain flexibility, strength and health.

We cooperate with schools for which we have developed a special program that is suitable for children of any physical condition. In our club, we help everyone to maximize their potential. Whether you want to achieve the highest sporting achievements or play sports for pleasure and fitness, we have a place for everyone.

Our teaching system carries the traditions of the Russian school of gymnastics, which is the strongest in the world. We teach children of different ages and nationalities. Our mission is to develop rhythmic gymnastics in Thailand and instill in children a love for the sport.