Gymnastics for kids in Thailand, Pattaya, Bangkok

🤸‍♀️Rhythmic gymnastics is an exceptional sport! It requires a combination of several skills, such as building strength and endurance, improving flexibility, mastering acrobatic moves, and, most importantly, the ability to perform rhythmic movements to music 💃A gymnast needs to be able to blend all these elements seamlessly.

💜Even if your child does not aspire to become a professional gymnast, learning rhythmic gymnastics can provide lifelong benefits, such as improving posture and building self-confidence.

💚Your child can join our rhythmic gymnastics classes in Bangkok and Pattaya to experience the unique blend of sport and art.

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More information: +66 80 570 5756 (en/ru), +66 97 309 6525 (thai/en)

Olga Balachina. Head coach of Universe Gymnastics club

Rhythmic gymnastics is the most beautiful sport for girls, but it is currently gaining popularity among boys, so we have also created a group for them. Recently, we also opened an adult group. Olga Balachina is a professional fitness instructor and knows how to help an adult gain flexibility, strength and health.

We cooperate with schools for which we have developed a special program that is suitable for children of any physical condition. In our club, we help everyone to maximize their potential. Whether you want to achieve the highest sporting achievements or play sports for pleasure and fitness, we have a place for everyone.

Our teaching system carries the traditions of the Russian school of gymnastics, which is the strongest in the world. We teach children of different ages and nationalities. Our mission is to develop rhythmic gymnastics in Thailand and instill in children a love for the sport.